Comment Policy

Comment Policy for Lips & Eyes

We hope that our community thrives on respectful and constructive discussions. While we’d prefer not to have a comment policy, certain issues have necessitated one, particularly concerning spam comments. Therefore, here are our guidelines:

Commenting Guidelines

At Lips & Eyes, we value and encourage reader comments, as they contribute to the vitality of our platform. However, to maintain a productive and pleasant environment for all users, we have established the following guidelines:

1. Respectful Interaction

We expect all comments to maintain a respectful and courteous tone. Please refrain from using profanity, engaging in mean-spirited attacks against other users, companies, products, or the content itself.

2. Promotional Content and Spam

The use of blatant self-promotion, excessive advertising, or spam is not permitted. This includes comments that appear to be spammy or designed to promote a website.

3. Editorial Control

We reserve the right to exercise full editorial control over comments by either deleting or editing them when necessary to align with our guidelines and maintain the quality of the discussion.

Specifics on Spam and Promotion

To provide further clarity, here are specific instances that may be considered spam and may lead to comment deletion:

  • Using a product name as your username, especially if your URL links to a commercial site.
  • Using your site name as your username, particularly if your site is commercial and unrelated to beauty, style, or women’s interests, unless it contributes genuine, original content and is a member of a major beauty blog network.
  • Including URLs that lead to link farms, spam blogs (splogs), advertisement pages, income parked sites, or similar websites.
  • Linking to a commercial site, affiliate site, or store with which you have a business relationship without appropriate disclosure.

Links in Comments

You are welcome to include your site URL in the designated field for it within the comment form. However, links to your site in the body of your comment will be deleted unless they are highly relevant to the post.

Comments from PR Agents and Company Representatives

We welcome comments from PR agents and company representatives, both positive and negative, as long as your identity is disclosed. Companies and their PR agents are allowed to use their business name as their username in posts directly related to their interests. If you wish to supplement or discuss an article about your product, please either use your company name as your username and/or explicitly state in the comment body that you are a company representative.

Sock Puppet Comments

Comments from company representatives that use “sock puppet” accounts to artificially promote a product without disclosure will be subject to deletion. Repeated abuse may lead to the removal of the entire post and a refusal to cover further products from the company.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a friendly and informative atmosphere within our community. Let’s engage in discussions that enhance our shared knowledge and experience.